The Farm

Dasberg Boerdery is situated on Van der Wattskraal outside Riviersonderend, in the Overberg district, in the Western Cape province of South Africa and the owner Schalk Viljoen is the heart behind this successful business.

Om te boer is ‘n voorreg, nie ‘n reg nie en hierdie boerdery sal graag hierdie voorreg ook na ander wil uitbrei sodat ons nageslag in harmonie en respek met mekaar kan saamleef en bydrae tot stabiliteit en voedselsekuriteit in ons land. Die son moet oor almal skyn.

Agriculture is the life source of the Overberg and is therefore mainly responsible for the social and economic stability and job creation in the surrounding area. SW Viljoen Boerdery, would like to contribute towards this stability and job creation in the surrounding area by getting involved in land reformation as well as the upliftment of previously disadvantaged people. We are aiming to act proactively and take on the initiative by means of a model which will serve as an example to others and with which job opportunities could be created in the community.

This land reformation initiative/empowerment project will hopefully serve as pilot project which can be used by others as model for further empowerment projects in the Overberg.