SW Viljoen Boerdery (Pty) Ltd specialize in fine wool fibre of 18 micron and this is a speciality product and for which buyers pay a premium price on fine white wool of this quality. Wool is currently the most profitable commodity in our farming business. Worldwide the demand for fine wool of good quality is bigger than the supply. SW Viljoen Farming uses Cape Mohair and Wool (CMW) as the marketing agent for the marketing and sales of wool.

The merino breed is a dual purpose breed and as a result of that, the carcasses of merino sheep is very popular. Lambs to be sold at the age of 9 months and old ewes are sold when they cannot breed any more.

The livestock division is managed by Gerswin Louw, a Coloured-Black incumbant with more than four years experience in sheep farming. He obtained a Diploma in Agriculture at Grootfontein Agricultural College and completed the National Certificate in New Venture Creation NQF4 learnership qualification offered by the Witzenberg PALS Project. He is also one of the shareholders in Kipara (Pty) Ltd through Eksteenskloof Boerdery (Pty) Ltd.