The farming division is in the process of cultivating 105 ha of land and already planted more than 7000 soft citrus trees on 12 ha. The target for 2018 is 34 ha of which 22 ha will be planted in the 4th quarter. A further 36 ha will be planted in the first quarter of 2019 followed by 36 ha in 2020.

The citrus farming division will be managed by Ignatius Otto, a young vibrant and passionate farmer with a vast range of knowledge, skills and experience in farm management and agribusiness development. He is well-trained in various international codes and standards such as EuroGap, GlobalGap, HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), health and safety and the MB4000 Farm Management System (a specialized computer software tool for all aspects of accurate record-keeping, farm management, production planning and cost accounting).

Future expansion of the citrus division will include the building of a packhouse with cold storage facilities in 2023. This will not only reduce cost in terms of transport to a packhouse facility elsewhere and storage, but also creating an additional total of 195 long term jobs of which 85 will be permanent.