SW Viljoen Boerdery is contributing towards this stability and job ceation in the surrounding area by getting involved in land reform as well as the upliftment of previously disadvantaged people. It recognises and supports transformation and Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment as a given reality in South Africa. We are acting proactively and take on the initiative by means of a model which will serve as an example to others and with which job opportunities will be created in the community and thereby impacting directly on the reduction of local poverty and unemployment. It is extremely important that we strive towards successful land reform.

The project will be located in and target the previously disadvantaged people of Riviersonderend, a remote rural community in the Theewaterskloof municipal jurisdiction in the Overberg district. We believe there’s an opportunity to establish a sustainable black empowered farming business with the aid of water rights and a dam permit, access to market, appropriate skills development and training, and social responsibility to the broader rural community of Riviersonderend.

SW Viljoen Boerdery foresees that this land reform initiative/empowerment project will hopefully serve as pilot project which can be used by others as model for further empowerment projects in the Overberg. It is most probably the largest for this type of farming business in the region.

The head committee of SW Viljoen Boerdery is responsible for the training and mentorship of the new farmers. SW Viljoen (CEO) co-ordinate and rate all actions and in cases where he can’t act in specific proceedings or courses himself, he will be responsible to evaluate the mentorship and training and thus supervise that it’s being done properly.